A beautiful and elegant Wedding photo app

We have created a beautiful wedding photo app that fits your wedding. With the app, you get pictures from all of your guests, and the pictures are beautifully organized in categories that fit your wedding.

The app is free for you to use, so download it now and test how your wedding will look in our app.

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Wedding photo app features


When your guests upload pictures through the app, we will automatically organize them into categories that match your wedding events such as Misri, Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi or whatever is part of your wedding.


Your guests can upload videos up to 5 min. This is very valuable to have as a memory of the wedding. Few other apps allow uploads of long videos


All the guests can share their best shots from the wedding. Even if they are living abroad they can join through the app. You will be able to download everything after the wedding with one click on one button.


If there is no wifi connection at the wedding location, your guests can upload everything after the wedding. So ask them to take a lot of pictures on their smartphones and upload them later when they are at home on their wifi


Your wedding will have a unique weddingID and you decide who you share it with. In that way, your pictures do not end up anywhere where you don’t want them. You can communicate with your guests through the app and share everything about the wedding preparation


We have translated this app to 17 different languages, so no matter where your guests come from there is a good chance they will have the app in their local language. There is no other wedding photo app on the market that covers this many languages

Three easy steps

create your wedding

Download the app

Find the link on this page

invite weddingguests

Set up your wedding

Simply fill in a couple question and you will receive your unique weddingID

share wedding pictures

Guests share photos!

Click on one button after the wedding and you will have all the media on your computer

Frequently asked questions

Why is Wedbox great for Indian weddings?

Indian weddings often run for many days and all pictures that will be uploaded will automatically be categorized in separate categories, this gives you a beautiful flow in the app.

Can I use the app on every phone?

Yes! Wedbox has been developed for IOS and Android devices. If you own any other device, you can simply use Wedbox on your browser.

What should I do to invite my guests?

You will get a unique code, which you can share with all your guests. We have created a very simple solution for inviting guests, which means that even your grandma will have no problem to get started with Wedbox.

How much does the app cost?

Wedbox is free to download on the Appstore and on googleplay. The app is also free to use before, during and after your wedding. We have several packages the can be bought in the app. Downloading all pictures in the highest possible quality would, for example, cost 16,000

How do I download my photos and videos?

After the wedding you can download your pictures with one simple click.
It is possible to download pictures in low quality while using the free version, however, in order to download all pictures and videos in a high quality with only one simple click you would have to purchase one of our packages.

For how long will my photos and videos be saved after the wedding?

Your photos and videos will be saved for 2 months after your wedding. If you want us to keep your files longer then 2 months, you can purchase the 24 months hosting package.

What makes Wedbox different from other solutions?

We want to create something beautiful enough to match your perfect wedding day.
Our app is not only the most beautiful wedding photo app on the market but it is also simple and user friendly.

Apart from that we are the only app that facilitates long video uploads, multiple languages and auto categorisation.

When can I create my wedding?

Whenever you want. There are no time limitations, so create your wedding today.

Download for free

The Wedbox photo app has one purpose: We want to make it easy to capture the amazing moments from the most important day of your life

Try it today:-)